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Just Give Me A Reason Part 5 - Niall Horan

I was sitting in the backseat of a taxi cab looking out the window as I was going back home. I was supposed to be gone for two weeks to visit my mother who ended up passing away the day I got there. I remembered walking into the hospital making my way over to the room she was staying in, carrying in flowers. I remember walking in and seeing her husband smile when he saw me walking into the room. I stood there frozen like a statue as I took in everything that was happening. I saw her lying on the bed hooked up to a bunch of wires and her kids who were sitting beside her, holding her hand, resting their heads on her arms while quietly sobbing. I saw her husband waking her up to let her know that I had arrived. He quietly whispered to her and I remember her opening her eyes. She looked weak, and pale, and… dead. She tried to lift up her hand to reach out in my direction and I remember running towards her, grabbing her hand and looking down at her. It didn’t kick in that she was actually dying in front of me until I looked into her eyes that were filled with tears. “Y/n…” she quietly moaned out. I squeezed her hand to let her know that I was here, beside her because I didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I could hardly breathe, let alone talk. I finally managed to whisper out, “I’m here,” I said to her looking into her eyes. “You actually came just in time,” her husband said looking down at his wife. “She’s actually taking her last breath. Nobody thought you would actually show up,” he quietly whispered to me. I looked down at her and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. Any anger I had towards her disappeared because I knew all she wanted to hear from me before she left was how happy I was and how great I was doing. I remember grabbing a chair and taking a seat on it right beside her. I remember talking to her about what was going on in my life. About Nicole, the house we had bought together, Noel, Niall, what dad was doing, how Mr.Murphy was, everything. I told everything with a huge smile on my face to let her know that my life was great. I would look down at her to see her smiling at all the crazy stories I was telling her. I also remember seeing her close her eyes and after a couple of seconds, her head fell a little down and I saw her facial expression disapeear. I blinked a couple of times and realized that that was it. She was dead. I remember her husband thanking me for coming and telling me how much it meant to her. I smiled at him and let him know I couldn’t be more happier being the reason she died happy.

"Is this it?" The cab driver asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yeah," I said unbuckling my seat belt. I watched the driver get out of his car and pull my suitcase out of the trunk. "You sure know how to travel light," he said smiling at me. "Thank god because I have this back pain and some girls carry around 5 suitcases for a trip that’s across their street and, you don’t even wanna know," he said closing the trunk. I let out a small laugh as I paid the driver adding a 20 dollar tip. "You may travel light but you sure know how to pay heavy," he said staring at the extra 20. I let out a laugh as I rolled my suitcase up to the front door. Nobody knew I was coming home today because I didn’t have the time to call anyone. I pushed the door to see if it was locked, which it wasn’t. Of course Nicole wouldn’t lock the front door, I thought to myself letting out a small chuckle. I grabbed my suitcase and struggled to bring it in but I somehow managed anyways. I took off my shoes and yelled out Nicole’s name. I locked the door and turned around to see a trail of clothes. Fuck!

I knew Noel was over as I saw a pair of pants lying outside the living room. I knew exactly how this day was going to turn out. I would have to hear Nicole and Noel moaning and groaning for hours until they finally fell asleep and wake up the next morning with them all surprised to find me back home. I picked up his pants and walked to the kitchen and laid them down on the counter. Since I knew how much I hated Noel, I decided to decorate his pants. I took out some whip cream and chocolate syrup and squeezed it out onto his pants. I squeezed some into my mouth before letting out a giggle as I pictured his reaction. I walked back out and followed the trail of clothes which lead to Nicole’s room and let out a sigh as I heard her moaning. I walked past her room to my room and collapsed on the bed. I was so tired and the last thing I wanted to hear was, “Oh fuck, oh,” I heard Nicole screaming out. That. I grabbed a pillow and squished my face into it. I heard Nicole screaming and I couldn’t help but laugh. Boy, was she a screamer or what? “You like that babe?” I heard a guy’s voice chime in. “Fuck, yeah,” Nicole replied. I quietly chuckled to myself as I heard every single word they were saying. “Say my name babe,” I heard him say. “Ah fuck,” Nicole screamed out. I heard the bed squeaking as Nicole screamed out some more. “Fuck, Niall don’t stop!” Nicole screamed out.

My smile faded away as I felt my heart picking up its pace. Niall? That’s not possible? I walked over to the wall and placed my ear on it as I listened closely. “That’s my girl!” I heard the guy shout out. I felt my heart explode as I heard an accent. Not just any accent. His accent. I opened my door and ran down the hall and waited outside Nicole’s bedroom door not knowing what to do. Should I wait a little more to hear his voice perfectly so I know for sure that it is in fact him or should I just burst through the door and catch them in the act. I paced back and forth not knowing what to do while listening to Nicole moan out. I suddenly saw a shirt lying on the ground and ran to it. I looked down at it, knowing the only way I could know for sure it was Niall was if the smell of his cologne was on his shirt. I picked it up and fell to the ground as I recognized the smell. Dark temptation.

I felt my heart breaking into a million pieces as I just sat there holding his shirt in my hand. I heard the moaning stop as I realized they were done. They were done having sex. I sat there for god knows how long as all my memories with Niall flooded in my head. I wasn’t the type who got very emotional so I wasn’t actually crying. I was just shocked and in disbelief at what was going on right now.

“Did he tell you who the blonde was?” she asked. “No? I didn’t really ask. Why, was it you?” I asked letting out a giggle. “Yeah, it was me, I was the blonde,” she said sarcastically. We both let out another laugh.

I remembered the conversation I had with Nicole after I told her about how my first date with Niall went. Now realizing that the blonde actually was her. I closed my eyes as I realized how stupid I felt. I felt myself getting angrier and angrier by the minute as I heard Nicole and Niall talking and laughing. After a couple more minutes, I heard the door open as I heard Niall letting out a giggle which suddenly turned into a gasp. My back was facing him so I didn’t know how his face expression looked like. I looked down at my hands, staring at his shirt as I clenched my teeth together. “Niall, what’s wrong?” I heard Nicole say. “Y/n,” Niall said. I heard his voice cracking up which made me want to get up and just punch him in the face for cheating on me with my best friend. “What about her?” I heard Nicole say, hearing her footsteps. I held his shirt even tighter in my hands as I grew even more angry. “Y/n,” Niall repeated again. I heard Nicole let out a gasp as she walked out of her bedroom. I got up and turned around to face the two. Niall had a towel wrapped around his waist and Nicole was wearing a bathrobe. “Oh god. Y/n.” I heard Nicole say. “Y/n, I- it’s not what it looks like,” I heard Niall stuttering. I rolled my eyes and let out a small laugh at his pathetic defense. “No, y/n, I just-” before Niall could finish, I walked over to him and slapped him as hard as I could. I heard Nicole letting out a gasp as she placed a hand over her mouth. I looked down towards the ground in shock as to what I just did. “It’s not what it looks like?” I repeated, looking up at him. “LOOK AT YOURSELF!” I screamed at him. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare try to deny what you two were doing together!” I said forming my hands into fists. “I FUCKING HEARD IT ALL!” I screamed out. I saw tears forming in Niall’s eyes as he flinched every time I yelled. I looked over at Nicole who had tears forming in her eyes too. “YOU!” I said taking a step closer to her. “YOU WERE MY FUCKING FRIEND!” I screamed out. “WHAT THE FUCK NICOLE!” I screamed in her face. “God! I feel so fucking stupid! You didn’t mean one thing you said to me! Did you?” I said looking up at Niall. “No, th- that’s not true, I actually did love you,” Niall said looking into my eyes. “Did you? DID YOU FUCKING REALLY?” I screamed back at him. “It’s not his fault,” Nicole said looking up at me. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I screamed back at her. I felt my eyes tear up as well as I continued to screamed at them, “I don’t get it! I don’t fucking understand! Were you two always secretly hooking up?! Did you ever think about me. About how it would make me feel? About how much it would hurt me? What about Noel? Weren’t you madly in love with Noel?!” I said wiping my tears away. “What about you, Niall?” I asked looking up at him. “Dude, what in the actual fuck?!” I saw Niall reaching towards me to calm me down but I pushed him as hard as I could. “DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH ME!” I yelled at him. Before I could think about anything else, I realized I had to get out of there. I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed my keys off the counter and ran to the front door to put my shoes on. “Y/n! PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!” I heard Nicole crying out after me. I opened the door and ran out to the front driveway to get in my car. As soon as I jumped in, I quickly started it and drove off not caring about anything or anyone else. I had tears streaming down my face but I didn’t care, I just kept driving. I didn’t know where I was planning on going but I just knew I wanted to get away as far as I could. Away from Nicole, away from Niall, away from anything and everything.

After a couple of hours of driving, I realized to finally go somewhere. It was almost midnight and I didn’t know where to go. I had no clue where I was but then again I didn’t really care. I drove around some more as I noticed a small little bar. It was small and old and it looked pretty quiet so I drove in to the parking lot. I turned my car off and wiped my tears away. I looked at myself in the mirror, fixing myself up a little so I looked presentable. “Y/n?” I heard someone call out my name, knocking on my window. I rolled down the window and saw Noel staring down at me. He didn’t have the usual douche-bag smile on his face like he always did. Instead he had a plain small smile. “Hey? What are you doing here? How’s your mom?” He asked with a friendly smile one his face. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. “My mom?” I said looking down at my feet. “Yeah… Nicole told me that she was dying and that you were gone to visit her. I thought you weren’t coming back until another week?” He asked. He saw the look on my face and his smile disappeared. “Oh god. Did she…. I’m so sorry,” he said placing his hands over his head. I looked up at him and stared at him long and hard not knowing how to respond. This was the longest conversation I ever had with him, that didn’t include any sarcastic comments. “God, are you okay?” He said placing his hands on my shoulder, looking deep into my eyes. “Nicole’s cheating on you,” I blurted out, looking back down to my feet. He removed his hands from my shoulder and shoved them into his pockets, leaning his back on to my car while looking up at the sky. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to just blurt that out like that,” I said. “She’s already found someone new?” he asked.

I decided to lean against my car too, so we were standing shoulder to shoulder. “Someone new?” I asked looking confused. “She didn’t tell you, did she?” he said looking at me. “Well, we didn’t exactly have time to talk?” I said shrugging my shoulders. “We broke up a day after you left.” I looked up at him and asked him why. “I don’t know? She told me how she finally came to her senses and how she wants a real man, and how much she hates me,” he said placing his hand on his hips and pretending to flick his hair back, imitating her. I let out a small laugh, looking up at the sky. He placed his hands back in his pockets and we just stood there quietly for a couple of minutes. It wasn’t awkward one single bit, which was weird but Noel finally decided to break the silence, “I’m confused. What are you doing all the way up here? And how did Nicole not tell you about me? And who… who is Nicole with now?” He asked staring down at me. “Damn boy. You got a lot of questions. But it’s kinda of a long story,” I quietly said as I let me head fall onto his shoulder. “Well, we can go inside and you can tell me everything,” he replied. “Give me one good reason as to why I would do that?” I asked staring up at him. He shrugged his shoulders while letting out a small laugh. “I’ll buy you something to eat and I could use a bit of company right now,” he said with a friendly smile on his face. “Free food? Why the fuck not,” I said letting out a quiet laugh as I walked towards the bar. “I can’t believe we’re actually talking without threatening to kill each other,” I said. “Yeah, same. Usually I would want to put you in a headlock and shove an apple down your throat so you could just shut the fuck up. But here I am. About to buy you dinner and actually giving a fuck about your life,” he said walking beside me. “Don’t make me turn back around and jump in that car,” I said playfully slapping his arm. We both let out a laugh as we walked into the bar.


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