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Preference #11: How I think each of the boys weddings would be.

Harry:  I think Harry would like a Spring wedding. When everything is finally blossoming back to the life, and the weather is perfect. I think he would be a bit traditional but it wouldn’t be boring and stuffy the way most traditional weddings are. It would probably be outdoors and everything would be decorated with light flowers and lace. And he’d have the biggest smile on his face when he finally saw you coming down the aisle, because you were his and he loved you more than anything in this world.

Liam: I think that Liam would love a Summer wedding. And instead of the typical chairs he’d have benches that would be decorated with your favorite flowers and silk. He’d have it somewhere you could be outside and enjoy the sun on your face while he said his vowels. He’d have the biggest smile on his face the entire time because you were finally going to be Mrs.Payne and it made him insanely happy. And when the Minister finally announced you married, he’d kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before.

Louis:  I think Louis would enjoy a Fall wedding. He’d have it outside in a wooded area so that the pretty colors of the changing leaves would be in the background. He would have the seats decorated with flowers of your favorite colors because more than anything, he wanted you to love everything. I think he would write his own vowels and incorporate some jokes because that’s just Louis, and you’d adore it because you loved everything about him, and he loved you more than any short amount of words could ever explain.

Niall: I truly believe that Niall would love a Summer wedding. He would pick a beautiful sunny day, and he’d have everything decorated with the same flowers that he brought you on your first date. He’d make sure the wedding was fun and you wouldn’t be bored for a moment. He would be so excited that you were his wife and he wouldn’t stop thinking how lucky he was to be able to call you that, because when it all came down to it, you were his moon, stars, and everything in between.

Zayn: I think Zayn would like a winter wedding. He would have it somewhere that you could see the snow falling through windows that lit the room with beautiful lighting. And he would let you pick out the decorations because he didn’t care as long as you were happy. And he would write his own vowels because the traditional ones just didn’t do justice to how much he loved you. And when you were finally announced as husband and wife, he would hold you so close and kiss you with a passion and love that you couldn’t even believe.

Hello, lovelies!

If any of you get bored and need something to read, I have a list of fan fiction recommendations that you can check out :) And considering that I’m quite sick, I’ll be in the house all weekend so I’ll most likely find new ones to add :)



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Hi! I was wondering if you would mind if I used some of your imagine on Instagram? I would give you credit. If you don't mind, what's your IG username so i can follow/tag you? xx

We actually don’t have an instagram for this account. Uh, if you just credit the blog, I guess that would be okay :)


Do you have a Masterlist?xxxx

No, but you can find everything you need right here :)



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You have to do a second part for replaced!!!! It's so good!

I don’t write that story! But there’s two more parts and you can find them here! :)